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          發布時間:2021-02-16 作者:大雅堂美術館 文章來源:http://www.cqddsm.com/ 瀏覽量:

          Are celebrities afraid of the sun? This question is the key point that many friends who like to collect famous people's calligraphy and paintings want to know. Today, I will give you a brief analysis.
          On this question, Xiao Bian's answer is yes. Because most of the paper used in calligraphy and painting is rice paper, the production of rice paper is made of sandalwood fiber and straw fiber. If it is often exposed to the sun, it will cause rice paper to lose a lot of moisture and accelerate its aging speed.
          Not only that, Xiaobian also learned that because there are calligraphy and painting works on rice paper, it will accelerate the aging speed of rice paper when it is exposed to the sun. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the calligraphy and painting from the sun and moisture.
          The above is the celebrity calligraphy and painting afraid of the sun related analysis, we all know it. My company is mainly engaged in celebrity calligraphy and painting acquisition services, welcome to want to sell and buy friends to inquire.
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