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          發布時間:2021-02-19 作者:大雅堂美術館 文章來源:http://www.cqddsm.com/ 瀏覽量:

          It is very important to judge the potential of calligraphers and painters in modern calligraphy and painting collection, which requires collectors to have a pair of eyes and a set of standards for judging calligraphers and painters. Here, I'd like to share with you the criteria for judging the potential of calligraphers and painters, hoping to be helpful to those who are interested.
          1. Calligraphers and painters' works must have a unique personal style. That is to say, they can know whose works they are without looking at the signature. Of course, this style is based on countless tempering and experience of most experts.
          2. Calligraphers and painters in the pursuit of quality at the same time, works have innovation, even at a certain point on the previous breakthrough is also the performance of innovation. Only artists with innovative spirit and sense of high-quality products can not follow the trend, do not socialize, and refuse mediocrity.
          3. Works in line with people's aesthetic psychology, in line with the aesthetic psychology of contemporary people, neither so, but also to look forward to the future of people's aesthetic psychology. Even if it does not conform to the aesthetic psychology of one nation, it should also conform to the aesthetic psychology of other nations.
          4. Works have high difficulty skills, or their own independent, sophisticated and reasonable techniques. Wenli academy believes that the more difficult the work is, the more irreplaceable it is and the higher its collection value is.
          5. Calligraphers and painters have the consciousness of self-examination and self-examination. They are slightly famous. They can't "see me with me" or "live me with me". They should jump out of their own narrow thinking and circle and view me from historical, cultural and even multiple perspectives. Standing at a higher angle to improve themselves, this height, even directed the long-term collection value of calligraphers and painters' works.
          6. Calligraphers and painters have noble character, pure heart and good cultivation. Wenli art school believes that the work is the reflection of the author's soul. To a certain extent, the skill is the competition of calligraphy and painting family personality and character. The sublimation of art is also the sublimation of personality.
          7、書畫家要有學識,有思想,有扎實的字畫外功,這點很重要。所謂腹有詩書氣自華。書畫家勤奮刻苦 ,要有不斷進取的精神。
          7. It is very important for calligraphers and painters to have knowledge, ideas and solid external skills in calligraphy and painting. The so-called belly has poetry and calligraphy. Calligraphers and painters should work hard and have the spirit of continuous progress.
          8. Calligraphers and painters should be devout and obsessed with art, attack their style which is not as good as others, even have the edge of cynicism and the personality of almost crazy devotion to art. This is an important criterion to judge the potential of calligraphers and painters.
          Thank you for your reading. I hope it will help you.
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