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          發布時間:2021-02-23 作者:大雅堂美術館 文章來源:http://www.cqddsm.com/ 瀏覽量:

          The calligraphy and painting acquisition industry not only needs to accumulate a lot of acquisition knowledge, but also needs to acquire high skills in many professional aspects. For example, when we purchase celebrity calligraphy and painting, we should first learn to look at the quality of the paper of calligraphy and painting, so that we can know whether the calligraphy and painting are forged, which initially determines the positioning of celebrity calligraphy and painting. So how to judge the authenticity of celebrity calligraphy and painting through the quality of paper? Now let's learn about it together!
          首先,有高麗紙。又名韓紙、高麗貢紙。古代高麗國 ( 又稱高句麗、朝鮮 ) 所產之紙。色白、質厚,有綿性,很堅韌,有明顯的直紋。高麗紙以棉、繭造成,色白如綾,堅韌如帛,用以書寫,發墨可愛。此我國所無,亦奇品也。此紙多為粗條簾紋,紙紋距大又厚于白皮紙,經近人研究,所用高麗紙,大部分是桑皮紙。
          First, there is Korean paper. Also known as Korean paper, Koryo tribute paper. Paper produced in ancient Korea (also known as Koguryo, Korea). White color, thick texture, spongy, very tough, with obvious straight lines. Korean paper is made of cotton and cocoon. Its color is as white as silk and tough as silk. It is used for writing and its ink is lovely. This is unique in our country. This paper is mostly thick curtain pattern, the distance of paper pattern is large and thicker than white paper. After recent research, most of the Korean paper used is mulberry paper.
          Secondly, in the acquisition of celebrity calligraphy and painting will often see Yuban paper. A kind of fine white paper.
          再次,連史紙。又叫"連四紙"、"連泗紙",紙質較厚者又稱為"海月紙".原產于福建省邵武,以及閩北地區和江西省鉛山縣一帶。采用嫩竹做原料,堿法蒸煮,漂白制漿,手工竹簾抄造。紙質薄而均勻,潔白如羊脂玉,書寫、圖畫均宜,多用來制作高 級手工印刷品,如碑帖、信箋、扇面原紙等。
          Once again, Lianshi paper. It is also called "Liansi paper" and "Liansi paper". The thicker paper is also called "Haiyue paper". It originated in Shaowu, Fujian Province, Northern Fujian Province and Qianshan County, Jiangxi Province. Using bamboo as raw material, alkaline cooking, bleaching and pulping, hand-made bamboo curtain. The paper is thin and even, white as suet jade. It is suitable for writing and drawing. It is mostly used to make high-grade hand printed materials, such as tablet, letter paper, fan base paper, etc.
          And then, the paper. Mao Jin, a great calligrapher of the Ming Dynasty, was fond of calligraphy and used bamboo paper to carve books. He used a lot of paper. He often went to Jiangxi Province to order thick bamboo paper and put a seal of "Mao" on the edge of the paper. As time passed, people used to call this kind of paper "Mao Bian paper" and use it today.
          In our country, calligraphy and painting pay attention to the use of paper. Some calligraphers and painters' painting techniques are derived from the nature of paper. Therefore, I hope the above knowledge can bring convenience to your acquisition of celebrity calligraphy and painting.
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