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          Calligraphy and painting, whether it is vertical axis, screen, couplet, scroll, album, or fan, Dou Fang, basically belong to two kinds of paper and silk products, because they all contain fiber, so they are hygroscopic. The paste used for mounting calligraphy and painting contains protein and sugar, which is also the food for beetles. If a painting is not kept carefully, it is easy to be eroded and damaged. In all walks of life in our country, in order to ensure the interests of everyone's industry and balance the rights and interests of the buyers of calligraphy and painting, there is basically a default rule. People emphasize the collective interests all day long. After the reform and opening up, our country has implemented the open policy, but with the great economic achievements, there has been a serious credit crisis between the industries, which has been replaced by mutual trust Vicious competition and the disappearance of human nature. However, in the circle of celebrity calligraphy and painting acquisition, there are still their own rules. Every word, every action and every gesture can explain the depth and moral conduct of the industry. Let's share the rules of celebrity calligraphy and painting acquisition
          1、 In fact, Fan Li was the founder of the antique business. In his early days, he proposed that food and cloth should be very profitable, Chinese medicine pawnshop should be 100% profitable, and antique calligraphy and painting should be 100% profitable.
          二、藏古不富,識古不窮,是說一個人只會收藏,而不發揮字畫應有的作用,那么他不是真 正富有的人,只有那些能夠真 正辨別古董價值的人,他才是富有的,收藏學問很大,千萬別萬物傷志。
          2、 If one is not rich in collecting antiques and is not poor in understanding antiquities, it means that one can only collect antiques without playing the proper role of calligraphy and painting. Then he is not really rich. Only those who can really identify the value of antiques are rich. There is a lot of knowledge in collecting antiques, so don't let everything hurt.
          3、 Cultural relics and antiques are the cultural tradition of a nation. The so-called 72 lines of traditional antiques are big, because they are not good at eyesight and knowledge, power, wealth, etc. when they come here for nothing, they will pay tuition fees if they suffer losses, and they will play hooligans if they go back to find the back account.
          The collection of calligraphy and painting should be placed in closed boxes, cupboards and cabinets, so that calligraphy and painting can have a stable limited space and avoid direct erosion and pollution. But this is not to say that once it is put in, everything will be OK, because it will still be eroded, and being eaten by insects is a common destruction phenomenon. Around May every year, with the increase of temperature, beetles also breed in large numbers. The method of prevention, can use camphor pill or Shanghai produced camphor essence block and other drugs. Camphor can be put around calligraphy and painting when using. This medicine is put twice a year, once in March to April, twice in October to November, so the effect of insect control is better.
          Dust is also one of the enemies of calligraphy and painting. Calligraphy and paintings hung on the wall or stored in boxes and cabinets will also be affected by dust. Fine dust will stick to the surface of calligraphy and paintings. When it encounters certain humidity, it will become unclean small particles. When the moisture of small particles evaporates, it will leave yellow spots on the picture.
          In addition, we should also pay attention to the protection of calligraphy and painting. When appreciating and watching, we should not touch the picture with our fingers and avoid saliva contamination. Don't fold the picture when unfolding and winding. In collecting, taking, rolling and hanging calligraphy and paintings, we must be very careful, the action should be light.
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          Thank you for reading, I hope the above content is helpful to you, if you want to know more wonderful content, please click: celebrity calligraphy and painting recycling http://www.cqddsm.com .
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